Georgia State Student Chapter

President: Shannon Denham
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Richard Donnelly

To the Georgia Chapter of CMAA:

I am delighted to be a part of this phenomenal organization. Even before I became an official member in 2014, I knew that the club industry was for me. I'm sure I speak for the Student Chapter team and for our members when I say that we are proud to be associated with your chapter.

Over the past school semester and into the summer term, the Team has revised our values and the message we wish to send to current and potential student members as well as to you. We want you to know we understand the importance of change. To be the catalyst of development and innovation for the club industry's future is our main priority. Future leaders should be in control of their futures. So, we should be improving the club environment with the millennial in mind - not only will they be the next member but the next manager as well.

This year we plan for our membership to have:
- Leadership Access: We encourage the Senior Chapter to us better our understanding of the industry
- First Hand Experiences: Whether it's an internship or club tour, living the adventure is the best way to grow.
- Contacts: Meet mentors and future co-workers who will help implement change personally and professionally.

A few goals for this year:
- Increase number of participating members
- Increase conference attendance to 30% of active membership goal
- Improve communication through social media to both members and senior chapter
- Tour a GA club once a month, every month
- Create a presence nationally though competition participation (Club of the Future, etc.)

I am excited to start this new school year as the current President of the Georgia State University Student Chapter. I look forward to you all to taking part in our chapter's development.

Shannon Denham
President, CMAA GSU Student Chapter


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